FEM Simulations (CAE/ FEA Simulations) is a relatively old approach to solve engineering challenges in the field of Mechanics, Thermal and Fluid Flow. It started its development in the mid of 20th century.

The approach is smart - basically it divides the investigated volume of an area of interest to a sub-volumes and then apply the appropriate equations depending on the engineering field. Thus, multiple small volumes and multiple equations are created and must be solved. After that, when the results are generated, further steps of optimization can be made.

This approach allows the engineers to predict the behavior of their products much before they to make them real. However, at that time, this approach had one big disadvantage - before the computer revolution era, the time for solving such number of equations was too long, and basically this approach was useless.

The FEM Simulations continued their development with small steps until 1990s when the new computers completely chanted the FEM idea. Companies like Boeing and IBM developed special mathematical software solvers to solve their challenges. This basically started the FEM Engineering.

Nowadays, the FEM Software and Hardware are relatively affordable. Which makes the FEM Simulations excellent engineering optimization and cost reduction tool.

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